Golden Eagles News · Press Release – Coach Jeff Hatfield resigns from coaching softball

Jeff Hatfield – Resignation – Press Release – Girls Softball – Big Walnut High School

On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, I was notified by Coach Hatfield that he will be stepping down from being the head coach at Big Walnut High School.  Coach Hatfield had just completed his 13th season as head coach and this spring he had a very good group of players returning. Coach Hatfield was looking forward to this past season until COVID-19 ended their season abruptly.  During those 13 years, Coach Hatfield had 201 wins to just 145 losses and with a winning percentage of 58%.   The stats are important, but what jumps out to me the most was the relationship Coach Hatfield had with his players.   Those relationships will last a lifetime.

I know this decision was not easy for Coach Hatfield.  He was clearly dedicated to his players and the entire softball program.  As the Athletic Director, I never had to worry about softball, Coach Hatfield always took responsibility for his program.  He puts 100% into everything he does and I appreciate what he has done for our softball program.   We are going to miss him.

The open head varsity softball position will be posted soon and we will find the best possible head coach for our softball program.

Brian Shelton

Athletic Director / Big Walnut High School 
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