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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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I am excited to share the design of the Big Walnut High School athletic wing, part of the new building that is set to open in the fall of 2022.  The design of the new, fully air-conditioned athletic wing was created to meet the needs of our quickly growing athletic programs, in addition to taking into consideration the training/development of our student-athletes.

The 18,000 square foot auxiliary gymnasium is designed to have two 84-foot gym floors plus one 94-foot main gym floor to host other games while varsity games are being played in the main gym. In comparison, the current HS has one main gym of 84 feet and one auxiliary gym of only 64 feet. The flooring in the auxiliary gym will be a multipurpose floor to allow all of our 28 programs an opportunity to use the gym. The design also includes space in between each floor for spectators to use during youth tournament games. Seating capacity in the main gym is designed to accommodate the overall facility’s maximum student enrollment capacity of 1850.

The overall design of the new HS athletic wing and its related components will bring our facilities into equitable standing with peer Ohio Capital Conference Schools.

Above right is a map of just the first floor of our 3-story building to reference the location of the athletic wing.

New BWHS athletic wing taking shape – PDF

Programmatic Summary

  • 18,000 sq. ft. aux gym with two 84-foot gym floors
  • 13,000 sq. ft. main gym with 94-foot gym floor (capacity 1850)
  • 7 athletic/PE locker rooms (compared to 3 in current HS)
  • 3000 sq. ft. weight room with 27 training stations
  • 580 sq. ft. athletic training room
  • 2400 sq. ft. wrestling room
  • 4 coaches offices
  • 3-lane elevated jogging track in the main gym
  • Concession area
  • Additional secure storage areas

Brian Shelton

Athletic Director / Big Walnut High School 
555 S old 3c Highway / Sunbury, OH 43074
@sheltonosu1 / @bigwalnuteagles
“Communication, Development, Success”