Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · 10.5.18 BWHS Girls Soccer Players read to 2nd Graders @ GRE for 2nd & 7 Reading Program

On Friday, 10.5.18 BWHS Girls Soccer Players participated in the 2nd & 7 Foundation Reading Program to read a book to the 2nd graders at General Rosecrans Elementary.  The 2nd graders receive a complimentary book during the reading.

Olivia Ramsey
Morgan Bodker
Abby Brown
Logan Froehlich
Avery Maxeiner
Estella Truax
Sophie Marvin
Kimmie Serna
Kiera Lumby
Ashley Fisher
Grace Bodker
Alexis Schone
Avery Schone
Emily Neff
Junior Brooke Stooksbury took on a leadership position with Coach Tabatha Piper and the 2nd & 7 Foundation. She coordinates and leads readings at General Rosecrans Elementary.

Tabatha Piper, 2011 Alumni and HS Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, coordinates with the HS coaches for their teams athletes to participate and with the 2nd grade teachers at Souders Elementary, Big Walnut Elementary, Harrison Street Elementary and General Rosecrans Elementary to set dates for the readings.

Here is the link to the 2nd & 7 Foundation to read more about the program