12 Seasons of Greatness – Names – Criteria



Jacob Walaszek 2007-2011

Tabatha Piper 2007-2011 *

Grant Beam 2008-2012

Tyler Beam 2008-2012

Seth Wandling 2008-2012

Stephanie Keller 2009-2013

Anthony Roberto 2009-2013

Brant Weiss 2009-2013

Grant Burks 2010-2014

Leah Shaw 2010-2014

Joel Windle 2010-2014

Rachael Brown 2012-2016

Thomas Fleser 2012-2016

Colleen White 2012-2016

Zachary MacDonald 2013-2017*

Philip Roberto 2013-2017

Jonathan Schnipke 2013-2017

Kobe Swackhammer 2013-2017

Henry von Hollen 2013-2017

Grant Wecker 2013-2017

William Hefner 2014-2018*

Matthew Priestas 2014-2018

Colin White 2014-2018

Sam Elliott 2015-2019

Christopher Rockwell, II 2015-2019

Ekaterina Brammer 2016-2020

Grady Hemingway 2016-2020

Jacob Krous 2016-2020

Macy Roberto 2016-2020

Alyssa Tarney 2016-2020


OBJECTIVE: to recognize outstanding commitment to Big Walnut Athletics.




  • Complete 12 consecutive high school sport seasons in good standing:
  • Good standing denotes compliance with any provisions of the BWHS Athletic Handbook.
  • Sports season – Begins with the first day of practice and ends after the Sports Awards Banquet or final contest whichever is last.



  • Participation in two (2) OHSAA sports in one season counts as one (1) sports season.
  • The sport, with the exception of sideline cheer, must be sponsored by the OHSAA, the Big Walnut Board of Education and be able to earn a varsity letter.



  • Members will be recognized at the spring sports banquet of their senior year.



  • Once a person has been placed into the “12 Seasons of Greatness”, the Athletic Director will continue to monitor his/her community citizenship.  The Athletic Director may remove a member for actions that would reflect negatively on the “12 Seasons of Greatness.”



  • The criteria will be reviewed annually at the conclusion of the spring sports season.



  • Athletes will have their names displayed on the 12 Season Greatness record board in addition to a trophy that be awarded at the Senior Awards Ceremony.  



  • Athletes who earn a varsity letter in 12 seasons will receive a (*) next to their name.  

Brian Shelton

Athletic Director / Big Walnut High School 
555 S old 3c Highway / Sunbury, OH 43074
@sheltonosu1 / @bigwalnuteagles
“Communication, Development, Success”